Monday, October 25, 2010

Trick or Tricky?

Well, it has been a bit since a blog posting and thought it was best not to fall down Alice's Rabbit Hole as many of us might this upcoming Halloween weekend. Time to get on the "enough about me what do you think about me" wedding path again. And, why not add some Halloween idea inspiration for those that might be Trick or Treating down a tricky aisle this weekend. This bride was one of the most kind hearted women I have met photographing. One of those less is more and everything souls in life--the kind of person throwing a wedding in which she sees the good in the world around her and genuine friends celebrate her true inner and outer beauty. She is, though, hiding behind another veil--a cleverly planned additional masquerade mask for herself, husband, and wedding party. It is a very simple idea that added a pleasant darkness to a generally light celebration in our lives. And, apropos with the dreamy and stormy weather along the cliff across the way of New York City's Staten Island Bridge. A wonderful excuse for a photographer to involve a high speed grainy film to exaggerate the mood of the day along with a soft-focus vignette camera. This image was taken with a square medium format film Holga camera with BW 3200 Ilford film. Yummy!