Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Spring Thing

So, it is Spring again. Trees a blooming, birds a chirping, and New Yorkers are finally out of their bi-polarizing epic winter state. Ahhhh, no more snow! T'is that time of year again that couples start tying the knot and I remember what it is like to get a bit choked-up about the lovely ones in love. Just wanted to share a few images from one of my favorite weddings last Spring that makes marrying in NYC meritable...

(C)Megan Greenlee Photography

Monday, February 14, 2011

A steady hand.

(c)Megan Greenlee Photography
Wedding featured on Style Me Pretty cover

Perhaps, today was a day in which many of us received flowers, chocolates, cards, candlelit dinners, or inspiration from a store window's Valentine dressing. Often, though, we forget one of the most important touches that treads deeper than a wedding day or bling gift; and that is a steady hand. At the end of the day, it is nice to know you have someone that is "there" for you--whether it is a spouse, lover, partner, parent, roommate, or just a dear friend. This poem by the artist, Patti Smith, was dedicated to her lifelong friend and one of life's gifted photographers, Robert Mapplethorpe, for his 1989 Memorial. Her words speak of unconditional love's steady tender layers:

As there is strength
in blackness
a deep control
a calla flare
grace corporeal
there is a steady hand
adjusting child lace
and bravery's face
in veil inviolate
there is a steady hand
adept in heavens skin
spending into black
where pure hearts
are kin. 
(c) Patti Smith, Memorial Poem, Just Kids