Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Our Stars to Sow

(c)Megan Greenlee
Our Stars to Sow 

On that cold cold night
In the bleak of the dark
When the early morning stars
Faded into the days to come
I longed for their return 
From the heavens not so far away
Perhaps they might blow a tender kiss
Or clasp my loving hands 
Gently as the winds blew
Just a sign to show they were loved
More than they ever knew
And each we all believed in
For to those who crossed their path 
They gave from all their heart 
They never left my side 
Or friends near and far in need
Their only curse was their beautiful mind
That got the better of their deeds
Which shed knowledge upon the living
Yet left only to spread their seeds
These seeds we sow 
Help this world to be in place
When some days can shake 
And remind the waters of its grace
These kind of friends 
Are softer than they look
You have to keep an eye on
When the stars get foggy
And you can't see through their mist
Feel them despite the afar 
As one might just vanish
Deep into life's fragile abyss.

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